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Caravan Illustrations courtesy of Christine Hellmuth's style. .

Thursday, April 28, 2011

 I have had this book since 2006 and frequently look at it but have not really tried out her style. It is  is fine to take inspiration from another artists style but it's important to acknowledge them. This is one of my favourite mixed media books, I recommend you buy it if you don't already have it because it will change your mixed media life.
As you can see because of my holiday at the beach,

More funky photos,Favourite subjects.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In praise of being  funky and  eclectic.
Often as an artist there is pressure to conform, work thematically, tone things down, please others sense of the ordinary when all you want to do is please yourself and be really different.
Why not give it a go step outside your comfort zone and create something bizarre.
Too bad if it doesn't match or work to a theme.

I bought this mannequin off

Funky Photo's

Ever wondered how people get those colourful pop arty style segmented shots on facebook?
I found a site by accident called funky photo's.
It's easier to manipulate your photos here than in photoshop if you just want to have some fun and play around.

It's free, have a go, have a creative time with your photo's.

or even your artwork

You can also cartoonise your favourite photo's like this

Creative Doggy treats...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Saturday I went to the local food market to get some samosas and I took photos of this delightful doggy stand, it is so artistic.
 These people are from Matamata  and they make all their  healthy doggy treats by hand.
If I  had a dog I would definitley buy it a treat like this.
They look good enough to eat yourself...


Celebrating Easter Autumn Colours In Rotorua ...

It was a grey overcast Autumn morning so Graham and I went walking along the Rotorua lakefront towards Sulphur Point and beyond so we could gert some fresh air and exercise with our cameras.  

The first bright shot was a day lilly, something I didn't expect to find this late in the season.

Mokoia Island

Paraglider being towed by a boat on lake Rotorua.

The Autumn leaves are full on,

Photographs from nine day Ohiwa Harbour Birthday adventure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowers from a cactus like plant, I suspect it is an aloe, that were planted throughout the camping ground.

This is a medicinal leaf that Maori people  still use for natural healing of a number of ailments.
When I  do my research I'll be more specific.

Fungi I found underneath a tree, it's a great time for photographing fungi at the moment.  I recommend you go bush walking (if you live

Mixed Media Illustrations from birthday holiday continued...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage photocopies, gesso, watercolour and goauche paint, maths exercise paper, black pen, decorative paper. 

Japanese rice paper, decorative papers, acrylic and goauche paint,modge podge, gesso. 

Japanese rice paper, paper serviette, pages from old book, decorative paper, acrylic paint gouache, black pen, gesso. 

Creativity for the past ten days..lots to report...watch this space...

For my 50th birthday Graham took me away to Ohiwa Harbour camping ground where he  rented us a cabin for nine fantastic days.

It was the best birthday I could have wished for.
 Harmonious, peaceful, fun and creative, lots of art making, photography and poetry writing.
Beautiful scenery, peace and quiet amongst birds and wilderness, lots of exercise, pure air, amazing food, sea swims, hot 

Tomato and Capsicum Adventure at Mokai

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To keep creativity alive it is essential  for me to go on adventures to gain  visual material,
Walking is an added bonus.
Yesterday I went with my artist/walking/adventure buddy April to Mokai which is her marae.
We went for a tour of her husbands work which is a giant tomato and capsicum  growing and packaging business.
Phil gave us a tour and here are the results.
Very impressive operation.

Art Journal Challenge Milliande, final Page at last.

Let's have faith in positive outcomes in 2011

The final work, proving that I can follow someone elses art prompts to the end.
 It was a great exercise doing a journal page per day.
 It kick started me into the world of the Zebra.
Now  I am doing other pages in response to work in Sommerset Studio, experimenting with textures and wax.

Ingredients used: Watercolour, three different reds,

Wax it with encaustic and feel the velvety soft texture of your work...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Somerset Studio -The art of Paper and mixed media is my favourite art magazine.

My latest copy arrived last week and it inspired me to make the following paintings to celebrate the coming of Easter.

Work by Julie Prichard, Seth Apter, Lynne Hoppe and Lynne Perrella have been an inspiration for these three pieces in terms of composition and colouring.

 Materials used.

Melted bees wax

Photography Exhibition Adventure...setting up a beginners Photography display for relatively new members of the Rotorua Camera Club..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We wanted to give a small group of people who attend "Wielands Sunday Photography  for Beginners" meetings  a chance to exhibit their favourite photo's.

It could be on any subject; we wanted diversity without the pressure of being judged and ranked in a competition.

I always think there is a place for everyone in photography, it's also about contribution and having a go and getting

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